Trusting Your Instincts.

follow your instinctsThe Managing Partner of a New York law firm knew something was up.

Just imagine how maddening it can be when you “just” know that something is not quite right. That millisecond signal to your brain that makes you stop and question what you are looking at. The legal work at hand now becomes secondary. Your instincts take over and respond to these patterns etched in your brain. Then, milliseconds become seconds fixing your eyes on your iPad like you are suddenly looking at the Jumbotron in Times Square. Your internet connection seems stuck. Then it doesn’t. You could swear that your practice management software actually changed right in front of your eyes. Eventually, your instincts start telling you and then screaming at you “Danger Will Robinson”. Danger Will Robinson”.

The perfect storm. Friday, April 11,2014 at 2:15 EDT, New York City. A confluence of problems That brought the law firm to its operational knees. Instincts confirmed. The Managing Partner rallied with his colleagues to call their professional network of friends.

Enter POP Technologies. We got the call as a referral and the rest is history. (Backstory below)

The Moral to the story; trust your instincts. Trust the instincts that got you here. Your Sixth Sense. Your Internal Compass. No matter what you call it, your gut has gravitas.
Backstory: New York City Legal Firm Becomes Managed IT Services Client

Who: New York City Legal firm specializing in commercial law
Client Since: April 11 , 2014
Their Pain: Intermittent problems with everything IT
Deep Dive Analysis uncovered:
*Time Matters and MS Exchange integration issues
*Poorly installed File Servers
*Faulty back-ups
*Inadequate Firewall
*Weak Data Breach Protection
Outcome: Up and running in 3.5 hours
Solution: 24×7 Managed IT Services
Annual Cost Savings: 15%

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