Data Breach Protection: Prevention is the Best Medicine.

Data Breach Protection

What would a data breach look like at your small business? Chances are it would look ugly. The reality is that most small businesses don’t have the talent to execute data breach protection. Preventing  a 24×7 data breach that could emanate from the web or inside your organization is complex.  Cyber criminals know this and tend to prey on the weak.  Small business data breaches are on the rise by all accounts including The National Cyber Security Alliance, Verizon, Homeland Security and POP Technologies.

In addition to unpreparedness, most Business Owner’s Policies (BOP) do not cover cyber liability. This potential double whammy can send a small business reeling.  In May of 2012, Lifestyle Forms & Displays Inc., a mannequin maker located in Brooklyn New York had $1.2 million taken from its bank accounts in matter of hours through online transactions.  There are patterns to these data breaches that can be prevented with the right tools and people. This level of prevention requires IT security specialists.

You take preventive measures where you can; alarm systems, gates, locks, fire protection, life insurance, car insurance and more. Maybe it’s time to look into data breach prevention?

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