The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions.


Charley’s Business Was One Click Away from a Ransomware Disaster!

He could have never lived with himself.

It’s hard to believe someone so careful and aware of cyber threats found himself in this position.

Charley has been a POP Technologies Managed IT Services client for 3 years. Always cautious and quick to follow our advice, he suddenly found himself just one click away from falling victim to a ransomware scheme . This would have put his expansion plans on hold. Indefinitely.

How did this happen? Like what happens in a lot of these critical events, the unknowing culprit was a trusted party. In this case Calvin, a long time family friend and trusted neighbor came into the office to work on summer break. The business was expanding and when Calvin needed a computer to work on, Charley quickly gave Calvin access to the server to do his work. After all, this was Calvin, Charley knew him since he was nine years old having grown up with his son.

Calvin like most millennials just could not resist the call of social media and streaming music during his work day. Even though this was against company policies, he thought he would just catch up with his friends to tell them he was working at Charley’s company for the summer.

What could that possibly hurt?

Less than an hour later, Calvin saw something very unusual come up on his screen. A skull and crossbones message demanding ransom from someone claiming to be the “Terminator”. At first, Calvin thought that this was “one of the things” and the message would go away. After staring at it for more than 5 minutes, Calvin simply decided to log of his account. Literally two minutes later, he was summoned to an office phone where a POP TECH was asking him what was going on?

20 minutes later the POP Tech was on-site surgically removing the ransomware malware. Luckily for Charley, the ransomware was removed just one click shy of shutting down the business.

In a digital world where everything you worked for can be gone in a split second, your business needs to be proactive. Not reactive.

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